USA Fulbright Scholarship For International Students

US Fulbright Scholarship program 2022-2023is now accepting applications from international students from February 3, 2021, to September 15, 2021, for the academic session.

Covering 125 countries all over the globe, the U.S Fulbright Scholarship Program for the year 2022-2023 has about 470 teaching and research awards, with an additional category of awards that’s a mixture of both: teaching and research.

Through the U.S Fullbright Program, you can get yourself a fully-funded scholarship if you’re a college student, in university, or even a faculty member- a professional from any kind of field, a scholar or a lawyer, whatever suits your taste.

This is a global educational exchange program for both, students and professionals, arranged by the Department of State Bureau in the U.S. It is sponsored by the U.S government and it works towards the aim of improving the bond and correspondence between the resident within the United States and the countries all around the globe.

This program had been brought in under the regulations directed by J. William Fullbright, a senator of Arkansas, in 1946, and it now roughly grants 8000 awards annually to the world.

These range to about 1600 students from the U.S, 4000 from other countries, 900 visiting scholars, and 1200 from the U.S. As a plus point, many teachers and professionals from within the U.S and abroad acquire the Fullbright awards, and up till now, around 370,000 individuals have participated and attained them.

U.S Fullbright Scholarship 2022-2023 Coverage and Benefits

Generally, these U.S Fullbright scholarship grants cover the sum spent on travel/accommodation.

But, for the sake of surety, we’d say it would be best if you thoroughly read the description of the particular award you’re interested in, or talk to the related officials of the program.

U.S Fullbright Program’s Policy:

The Program’s policy is set in accordance with the FFSB, the J. William Fullbright Foreign Scholarship Board, which is made up of 12 members, individually selected by the President of the United States.

The U.S Fullbright awards in this program are open to all individuals, without any kind of discrimination may it be in terms of gender, race, nationality, religion, status or color, etc.

The Eligibility Criteria for U.S Fullbright Scholarships

Those who are interested in applying for these awards are required to completely meet a few eligibility criteria set by the Program unless they are able to avail of a particular exemption from the criteria.

Having citizenship in the United States isn’t just enough. If you are a non-citizen and interested in applying for the Fullbright Scholars Program then you can learn more about it here: the visiting Fulbright Scholar Program.

If this isn’t your first time applying for the Fullbright Scholar program and you’ve been one of the lucky applicants to have already availed the award, then in order to apply for the program again you would have to wait for about TWO years AFTER the period of the previous grant has come to an end.

Individuals who have lived abroad consecutively for about five or more years before the submission date of the application- in a set of six years- are not eligible for the criteria.

And also, if you’re a fresh graduate or college student with minimal work-related experience, or even a graduate or P.h.D. student in need of funds to complete your degree then you may not qualify for the Program. We’d say that you should visit us at Fulbright Student Program for more information.

U.S Fullbright Program-specified Criteria:

#1 Degree: The interested applicant has to go through the details given at the universities’ website which require a particular degree, either a Ph.D. or Master’s degree has been specified.

#2 Candidates for Early Career and Post-doctoral: are to apply only if they can meet their degree requirements by 1 February. If this is not deemed possible then they are mandated to notify the expected date of completion.

#3 Experience as a Teacher: Availability of all related programs at the post-secondary level- variable in terms to experience level and disciple requirements.

#4 Language: English is generally considered appropriate for teaching-related programs. However, the type of project is the main determinant of this requirement, and therefore having a strong grip on foreign languages may be necessary.

How to Process Your Application Online for U.S Fullbright Scholarship?

For the year 2022-2023, the applicants must submit their online forms for the Fulbright scholarship by September 15, 2021.

You must go through the criterion specified for eligibility and the related grant details in-depth, as only applications that are complete and are at par with the requirements will be cleared forward for further consideration.

Documents required for U.S Fullbright Scholarships Application

The instructions for the Fulbright scholarship program Application for 2022 are available online and the following documents are required to submit an online application for the Fulbright scholarship:

  • Online Application
  • Study Plan
  • Curriculum Vitae or Resume
  • Letter of intent
  • Statement of purpose
  • Motivation Letter
  • Research Proposal
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Checklist of documents required to apply for a scholarship

If you are an applicant interested in Artistic fields such as Architecture, Writing, Music, Dance, Film-making, etc. then you are required to submit a Portfolio.

Check the award description  to know if the documents mentioned below are needed for your application:

Application Procedures : How To Apply

  1. access the application form by visiting:
  2. Then click on create account to create an account
  3. Afterwards login to Complete the online application via
  4. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for an interview.
  5. Women, individuals from rural areas, underrepresented groups including individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply
  6. Accommodation will be provided for individuals with disabilities interested in applying.

Fulbright Scholarship Application Deadline, Duration, and Result

Fulbright Scholarship 2022 is open for applications between February 3, 2021, to September 15, 2021. And the timeline of the results and further steps are available below:

DEADLINE FOR Fulbright Scholarship application is September 15, 2021.

The details regarding the duration and the result of the Fulbright program 2022 are mentioned below.

February: Competition opens.

Deadline in September:

IIE reviews completed applications for eligibility. The applicants are immediately notified of any specified content missed in their application so that they can provide the related information and documents. Completed ones are passed ahead for peer review.

October to November:

applications are thoroughly reviewed by discipline and the Peer Review Committee then decides if an applicant is eligible for the award in a particular country.


E-mail is sent to applicants, declaring the status of their application. If due to certain circumstances, you have had to change your main email address from the one you had stated in your application then you should inform the IEE of your active e-mail id.

December to May:

Applicants are reviewed and selected by the Binational Fulbright Commissions/U.S. Public Affairs.

January to June:

The selected candidates are then sent to the J. William Fulbright Scholarship Board for a more precise evaluation. Then the IIE notifies the final applicants through the e-mail of their selection for the Fulbright grant/award.

June onwards:

The Fulbright scholarship grant details are then finalized and an orientation-like ceremony may also be held for the selected applicants to receive their grant.

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