Is Graduate Entry Medicine in Europe a Good Idea

The core of the medical profession is to protect and restore human health. It is no surprise that doctors are among the most respected and well-paid people. There are several ways to enter the medical field. If you are reading this article, you probably have already earned a degree. Therefore a perfect opportunity for you is graduate entry medicine in Europe.

We will break down all reasons why the accelerated medicine course in Europe is one of the best options for health science graduates, nurses, pharmacists, and much more. Learn everything about the 4-year medicine programs!

What European Medical Schools can offer you

Medical schools in Europe presented their medicine courses for international students a long time ago. Therefore they have the needed experience and know the best practices and approaches to guarantee you a high quality of education.

Graduate entry medicine courses in Europe enable biomedical/life science graduates and healthcare workers with comparable academic credentials to receive a Doctor of Medicine degree in as little as 3 or 4 years.

The process is simple. You should provide a transcript of your previous degree. Then the admissions team will evaluate the subjects, study hours, and credits earned. These will then be equated to exclude you from the subjects that you already studied. In other words, your course will be shortened since you know the basics of medicine and have work experience.

If you choose to pursue your MD degree in Europe, you will benefit from:

Worldwide recognized degree

All degrees issued by European medical universities are recognized globally. After graduation, all you have to do is apply for complete registration at the Medical Consul of the country you choose to practice in.

Medicine programs entirely taught in English

Courses for international students are held in English. You don’t need to learn the local language to be able to study.

Admission requirements

You must meet the following requirements to be eligible for a graduate entry medical course:

  • provide a copy of your prior university transcript
  • have a passport
  • English language proficiency

Affordable tuition fees and living expenses

Compared to Western countries in Europe, you will spend less money on tuition and living costs. For example, the tuition fee for the fast-track medicine program at Dnipro Medical Institute in Ukraine is from €3,300 per year, and living costs are between €200 – €300 per month.

Less competition

As a result of just competing with foreign candidates, there is less rivalry for admission.

Unlimited number of universities you can apply 

In Europe, there is no limit for medical school applications. If you want, you can apply to all institutions that meet your preferences.

Exploring new culture

For many international students, one of the most significant benefits of studying abroad is the opportunity to immerse themselves in a completely new environment. This fascinating trip will allow you to see and do things you would not expect to, as well as meet individuals who have grown up in a different society.

While living abroad, you will be able to try different foods, listen to traditional music, participate in local events, and learn about everything else your host country has to offer. Who knows, you may fall in love with the country that you study in and decide to stay and live there.

Top-quality education in modern facilities

European universities are constantly improving their facilities and teaching methods. What’s more, you will be able to use advanced modern technologies to enhance your educational experience. Ukraine was the first country to offer a complete online medicine course for years 1-3.

Career advantage since you will be eligible to practice medicine everywhere

As a mature student with previous working experience and an international MD degree, you will have irreplaceable qualities. You will:

  • see a broader range of diseases
  • learn about several healthcare systems
  • discover how to be more adaptable
  • be able to work in a team

Develop better communication skills 

One of the essential qualities required for a doctor is communication. You should be able to express yourself and listen to your patients. Communicating with other international students and locals will be your greatest teacher.

Some of the best universities offering graduate medicine in Europe

Some of the best medical schools that you can apply for 3- or 4-year medical degree in Europe are:

  1. Dnipro Medical Institute (Ukraine)
  2. European University in Tbilisi (Georgia)
  3. Medical University of Silesia (Poland)
  4. Medical University of Lodz (Poland)
  5. Poznan University of Medical Sciences (Poland)
  6. University of Nicosia (Cyprus)

You already know what you want to do

To be a doctor is not just a good job. It is a life-long commitment to helping people. Hence, it is reasonable why so many students feel pressure to make such decisions at the age of 16-18.

But you are a person with experience. You have already explored your interest in science and the medical field in general. Therefore you will make an informed decision about your future. You know what to expect and how to make the most of the years ahead.

Maybe you have worked as a nurse for several years and know you know that you want more. You have seen and learned so much at the hospital. And now you are sure that your calling is to be a physician.

You have been to university previously – therefore you are an expert

University is not like high school. We are sure that you remember your first year at university – long lectures, the pressure for exams, coursework. You were a little nervous, right? But know when you have been through that road once, it will be much easier for you.

You are familiar with the time, self-motivation, dedication, and efforts that you have to put into earning your MD degree. Over the years, you have gained revision and study abilities that undergraduate students did not have time to develop. You certainly have your revising method that you know works for you, and you won’t have to waste time finding it out!

You are aware of your capabilities

Of course, people change. But as a mature student, you know your interests, hobbies, and how to allocate your time so that you have time to study and quality rest. Years of exploring friendships and extracurricular activities led to discovering what you love and what works for you. This is extremely useful when you are overwhelmed with clubs, restaurants, parties, and the pressure of meeting new acquaintances in your first year of graduate medicine course.

You know your priorities and how much time you need daily to transform your dream into reality. In conclusion, you will be able to select from a variety of recognised 3- or 4- years graduate entry programmes that offer high-quality medical education.

Nothing can stop you from pursuing your medical degree if you are brave, ambitious, and focused. The white coat is waiting for you!

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