Empowering Youth Worldwide: Childnet Film Competition 2024

Calling all dedicated teachers and educators working with young minds beyond the UK! If you’re connected with creative individuals aged 7-18 who are passionate about film, storytelling, animation, or sparking positive change, we invite you to join us in encouraging them to create a short film focusing on online safety!

🌍 A Global Stage for Youth Voices:

The Childnet Film Competition: International, established in 2021, provides a powerful platform for young filmmakers aged 7-18 from across the globe. It serves as an avenue for them to share their stories and actively participate in significant conversations surrounding online safety.

🌟 Diverse Participation:

Witness the rich diversity of entries from countries such as Columbia, Moldova, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Turkey, India, Ireland, Myanmar, and the United Arab Emirates.

🎬 Film Competition International 2024: Key Details

  • Entry Pack: Download ZIP Format (12.5MB)
  • 2024 Theme: “How would you make the internet a better place?”
  • Objective: We seek films crafted by young visionaries that inspire positive transformations in online spaces. Original ideas about creating a safer internet are highly encouraged, and remember, the films should be both entertaining and educational.

🏆 Why Engage:

  • Amplify Youth Voices Globally
  • Contribute to Online Safety Discourse
  • Opportunity to Win!

📅 Important Dates:

  • Launch: Childnet Film Competition: International kicks off on October 18, 2023.
  • Submission Deadline: Ensure all film entries are submitted by 5 pm on April 22, 2024.

🌟 Apply now: http://surl.li/obyyx

Let’s empower young filmmakers to shape a safer and more inclusive digital future! 🌐

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