Continuing Study Program: Design for Innovation Strategy



IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Barcelona

All Locations

Barcelona, Spain


6 months

Earliest Start Date

Jan 2023

Application Deadline

01 Dec 2022



Study Type

Campus based



Tuition Fees*

EUR 5,900


The Postgraduate in Design for Innovation Strategy equips students with design-specific methodologies and tools allowing them to identify new business opportunities and come up with valuable solutions.

Global trends such as technological breakthroughs, a growing population, scarce resources and climate change are posing major challenges for companies. And an innovation-based strategy is crucial to ensure sustainable long‑term growth. Here, design plays a key role in promoting and facilitating innovation.

This Postgraduate Degree trains leaders with the ability to manage complex design processes and take on new challenges to promote innovation. To this end, the course proposes a dynamic methodology and a practical approach based on analysing data, exchanging information and discussing case studies, as well as including conferences, talks and workshops.


The educational planning for all IED Master courses is aligned with the criteria established by the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). The IED Master program adopts a credit structure that follows the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). IED Master only awards its own private degrees.

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A dynamic methodology in which the course serves as a laboratory for analysis & exchange of information and discussion of cases. Participants will have the opportunity to share experiences with the speakers, in a climate of close dialogue that serves as a meeting point of their current knowledge and future career aspirations.

Program Outcome

Equip the participants with the set of skills to promote, develop and manage innovation through design, either on a project or within an organization.

Provide the knowledge and methodological tools to allow developing and managing innovative projects, from creating new products and services to create new business models or redefining processes, always from the perspective of “design thinking”.

Understanding the design methodologies and processes that allow bringing ideas into practice.

From a critical approach, the course will provide the skills to be able to challenge the established procedures to identify opportunities, implement innovative strategies through creativity and design, integrating all the knowledge involved in the innovation process.

Career Opportunities

  • Coordinate and develop processes for design innovation and its implementation as a strategic tool.
  • Identification of business opportunities through the methodologies learned.
  • Strategic vision for the conceptualization and development of new products and services.
  • Management and promotion of creative culture within the company.
  • Have the skills and vision for working in multidisciplinary teams.

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